Mr. Rocca is a decomposed human oscillator that has recomposed by sheer, albeit subconscious, perseverance.
Of course such a mortiferous process of recomposition led him to compose, which is inevitably an agonising activity.
The agony, in turn, creates a vicious circle that gets him to cyclically decompose and re-compose, often on a quest for some kind of fanciful ravishment.

Part recomposed composer and part composed decomposer, the two halves are almost perfectly symmetrical and enclose him like an arcane egg shell – a shell that flutters with multiple personalities that often use him as a vehicle for tourism and social ignominy, making subliminal noises and bad mouthing the outcomes of his creative and destructive operations.

To sum it up, he’s a pulsating, quivering machine programmed by gramophone ghosts for the assemblage and transmission of chimes and discords – but a random machine which is both conscious and unconscious, often at the same time, and runs on the most exotic fuels.