Andrea Rocca was born in Rome and moved to London in 1988, where he pursued his interest in composing electro-acoustic music studying with John White.

He  graduated from the School of Oriental and African Studies with a Master of Music in Ethnomusicology  in 1997

As a guitarist with John White’s electronic and object trouvè ensemble he has performed in venues such as the Hayward Gallery, the Musee de l’ Art in Paris and the Knitting Factory in New York.

He started writing music for feature length films in 1997 with Marco Risi’s L’Ultimo Capodanno (Kaputt Mundi).

From 2004 to 2010 he composed extensively for UK television, with works for Channel4, BBC1, BBC2 and Channel 5. In 2010 he scored Luigi Lo Cascio’s  award winning theatre production La Caccia and the contemporary dance production Frames for Toronto based company Zata Omm Dance Projects. In 2014 he collaborated again with Luigi Lo Cascio on a stage production, scoring his free adaptation of Othello, which was shown in two of Italy’s foremost theatres, the Piccolo Strehler in Milan and the Teatro Quirino in Rome.

In 2016  he scored Il Sole e gli Sguardi, based on Pierpaolo Pasolini’s poetry, which debuted at the Magnolfi Theatre in Prato in May 2016 and toured throughout Italy.

He worked with Luigi Lo Cascio again in 2018, on a contemporary staging of Marlowe’s Tamburlaine at Palermo’s Teatro Biondo.

His work for dance theatre includes  8 Ways from Mara for Zata Omm , premiered in Toronto’s Enwave Theatre  in October 2011, Traces, shown at the CanAsian International Dance Festival in February 2012 and Crepuscular, which was staged at Dusk Dances in July 2012.

His score for  Zata Omm’s  Vox:Lumen premiered in March 2015. Vox:Lumen was  the first contemporary dance production completely powered by self sustained energy, and  involved a multi-year creative partnership with ground-breaking researchers at York University and interactive designers Aesthetec Studio, the whole show being sustained by energy created by the dancers, the audience and renewable sources. Andrea’s score was based on purposely composed orchestrations involving found objects, acoustic instruments, electronica and noises generated by the environment of the performance.

To date his feature film work includes the British feature The Hurting, Francesco Martinotti’s Branchie, Marco Risi’s L’Ultimo Capodanno (Kaputt Mundi) and  Tre Mogli (Three Wives), Gianluca Tavarelli’s Break Free and the documentary feature Tu Come Mi Vedi?

His score  for Luigi Lo Cascio’s debut feature La Città Ideale (The Ideal City), which was premiered at the 69th Venice International Film Festival –  where it won the Arca Cinema award – received widespread critical acclaim.

He has recently produced albums by, amongst others, seminal British composer John White, Portuguese singer songwriter Rita Braga and Japanese experimental vocal artist Kamura Obscura. 

He is a co-presenter of the weekly Club Integral Radio Show on Resonance FM, which introduces new uncharted music to British and world audiences through FM radio and the internet, and organises bi-monthly new music concerts at Iklectik in central London.